$watch(),$digest() & $apply()

These are the top 3 names which every Angular developer will definitely come across in the life cycle of playing with $scope or just simply say Angular Js  :p when I started learning Angular Js and implementing it these things were super alien to me. So, I initially ignored their importance and was moving on […]

Multi checkbox directive

So,lately I was working on different  areas of my application and suddenly  I’ve noticed something weird,there were lot’s of places where multi-checkbox template was used over and over again. This made me thinking that what if I have a common template for  multiple check-boxes which functions similar to what my app requires and can be so […]

Disable caching for $http.get method

An important consideration when using  GET for AJAX requests is that some browsers – IE in particular – will cache the results of a GET request. So if you, for example, using the same GET request you will always get back the same results, even if the data you are querying is updated at server-side. One way to […]